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humble bee

Down among the dandelions life is tranquil.

Only the murmur of bees affect the calmness

Pity this age when dandelions proliferate the 

Humble bumble bee is disappearing,how tranquil 

Is life in the garden when we can't rely on the bees.


Lot of talk of global warming, lot of talk of pollution

Pity the life in the garden, down among the dandelions

poor auld bee has disappeared and not a lot busy bees

Talking and a moaning, but hey it's only a bee. Get the 

mower cut down the dandelions, forget the bumble bee

It only stung when you attacked it, bees fault not ours.

Now the humble bumble bee is nearly extinct, so what.


But ah ha 40/: of life not only down among the dandelions 

depend on the humble bumble bee. We here, standing tall

in life's thrall will find the poor auld bee most sadly missed.

Hunger will proliferate and the poor auld bee will simply not

be seen again down among the dandelions were life is tranquil.




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