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Scotland The Greater


I was with Arthur's pickets

In the strike that killed King Coal,

Cried with the miners 

As they marched off to the dole,

Saw Maggie Thatcher

That hard nosed bitch

Kick out at the poor

While rewarding the rich,

Watched our society unwind 

From one mindful of need

To develop into one

Of selfishness and greed;

Saw the gulf widen between

The affluent South

And the struggling Northerners

Living hand to mouth,

And then some politician nonce

Has the nerve to say

One of our public holidays

Should be named Thatcher Day.

That land fit for heroes,

One hundred years on

Now just a fantasy

All gratitude gone.

If Scotland does vote

To be free of the greedy south

Let's draw a line

Below the Humber mouth

To create Greater Scotland

And just let them all see

How we can prosper

In a land that's Tory free.  

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Scotland The Greater