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                   HEADS IN THE SAND?
Realization has finally soaked in!
Yes! The ISIS hordes are at the gates.
It's no longer just an alleged scare tactics by “War Hawks.”
It’s a true and pending danger to the country that we love…the good old U.S of A!
They are here in our back yard…they are being recruited, and taught to be terrorist in the many mosque around this country,then sent to the middle east to fight with “ISSI”and kill anyone that refuses to accept their senseless cause! These same terrorist were born and raised in this country and carry American passports. These people will someday return to the this country with nothing but hatred and disdain for our way of life. They will become a “Fifth Column” that will create havoc in our cities and towns by committing Civil unrest and warfare in our streets like we’ve never experienced  before!
Don’t be fooled, this is a true and dangerous possibility!
The American passports that these people carry should be revoked as soon as they are identified and they should not be allowed  back in the country… ever!
As you can see, this is not a poem but instead is a prediction of the near future, if immediate action is not taken by the government of this country!
A concerned citizen!
Jackie R. Kays
© 2014


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