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Princes and Jesters

Princes and Dukes were born to rule;
Jesters and clowns were born a fool.
Kings and Emperors were born to reign;
Others were born into a world of pain.

Destinies are woven from the strands of fate;
Oft times we discover ours far too late.
For each and every individual there is an ideal design;
Be it ever so simple or complex and fine.

Few there be that find their ideal niche;
Regardless whether they be powerful or rich.
True happiness comes from inner peace within;
Not from the addition of drugs or gin.

Some learn these lessons early in life;
Others only after struggle and strife.
All mankind must make their own decisions;
Alas we seldom can alter or make revisions.

We often walk paths uncertain of our goal,
Grasping at diamonds that turn into coal.
Ultimately, we all face the same end,
No matter how fast we run, or which way we wend.

So walk your path from cradle to grave,
And treasure the memories you hoard and save.
For time is a thief, stealing all you hold dear,
Till your path has ended, and the reaper appears.

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Princes and Jesters