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Mr Bang Away Regardles

Has children one, two, three, four,

The latest one hardly born before

The next is knocking at the door.

And Mr Bang Away Regardless

Is himself just twenty two

And Mr Bang Away Regardless

Knows exactly what to do


And Mr Bang Away Regardless

Doesn’t live with his mate

The sound of screeching children

Is a noise he really hates

So Mr Bang Away Regardless

Only visits when he feels the need

For a little kiss and cuddle and,

In consequence, to spread his seed.


And Mrs Bang Away Regardless

One of those live apart sort of wives

Really seems to thrive whilst Incubating

Every one of those new lives.

When it comes to his Gene Pool contribution

Mr Bang Away Regardless doesn’t shirk

Which sadly doesn’t leave him with

Enough energy to do productive work.



And the Human Rights Brigade

Fight for his constant right to breed

And for the honest working mug

To subsidise their every need.

And Mr Bang Away Regardless

Just doesn’t give a damn

He’s a live at home for ever lad

Sponging on his dad and mam.


It’s only thanks to a compassionate

Society that allows for such a drone

As Mr Bang Away Regardless and his ilk

To Merrily live in a world of their own.

Towards our land Fit For Heroes

Was it ever considered as a right

Our society would allow to breed 

Such a bunch of shameless parasites.

Or is it education
Did we let him down
He's maybe not a parasite
Just a gormless clown
With his brain in his trousers
And not a thought in his head
And a real natural talent
For performing in bed.



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