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Opinion/Commentary...Don't Feedback/ Just for the fun of it

I'm pretty straight forward
in my language. Its best not to use
too purple of prose. Then people will just get
lost. Oops. Just lost another reader.

I am not a fan of rhyming poetry. Unless its
the classics or done exceptionally well. Oh,
I've read some exceptions. They've made my head spin.
But believe me, it can be just as challenging to
be inventive and clever to use free verse. For you
rhymers out there, try it. You can't, can you? I am
laughing right now. Raucously. Because once you are a
rhymer...its hard to break that sound/pattern out of your head!
It is literally ingrained up there. I know because I
used to be a RHYMER, when I was starting out. Not your basic
roses are red, we're talking into the three
syllables here...a tad bit challenging. The kind that requires a
thesaurus every now and then...and possibly making up
a whole lot of mishigoss. (I know I am misspelling that
Yiddish word, so please, forgive me) Here I'll insert another
one and possibly make up a whole lot more gobshite. Which
is an Irish/Gaelic word meaning b.s.

So once/when and if I start up the practice of rhyming again, it gets
ingrained in my head...say like corn on the cob or stir fry cooked
kale gets stuck in your have to get out the old floss to get rid of the
habit if you want to go onto another new writing habit. That's exactly
what I had to do. And once I stopped writing rhyming poetry,
I found, I didn't want to go back to it ever again.  Why? Because
when I was doing it before...I was kind of a slave to it. I couldn't be a
inventive. It was like a riding on an unbroken horse running mad in
my head...with all this half-formed lines. Yikes. No thanks.
And with have to remember the end part of it.
No thanks again. With blank verse or at least with incidental
rhyming for emphasis or using inner and outer rhyme...there is
a little bit more control over the creative process...your control.
The rhyming part doesn't control the whole darn poem.

This is just a little bit of my opinion/rant I why I no longer
write rhyming poetry. Its meant not as an insult to those who
do. I admire anyone who can do something well which I no longer
can nor chose to do. I think discussion is a good thing. Truth is
there is a good deal of bad poetry out there, or as we say...poetry
in need of improvement, as we don't want to give people....
"DISCOURAGEMENT."  We all like to be encouraged.

My Grandfather was of the opinion that Rod McEuen was of the very
worst ilk of poet...he called him Rod Mucken. And this gent was
not a rhymer either. So best advice is whatever you do, don't listen to

Meloo/Melissa A Howells
Straight from her Tilt-a-World
September 14, 2014

please forgive the misspellings on McEuen...if you know the correct spelling
please let me know...much appreciated, thanks.

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