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The Joys Of Childhood

O, the street, the sunny street
Where I was born and bred!
Where visions of those sugar plums
Once danced upon my head!

Where white-chalked summer sidewalks
Named every movie star
In hopscotch games we hopped to win
While our brothers all played war.

Where the front porch or the back porch
Took turns to be a stage
To broadcast the Grand Ole Opry
Where we kids were all the rage.

Straw brooms served well as our guitars...
Our mikes..cans on a stick.
We knew most every E. T. song...
We’d memorize them quick.

At times we’d hunch down on our knees
For a marble game or two.
Our brothers didn’t mind at all...
If they did we never knew.

Back in those days each little girl
Could be a Tex, a Gene, a Roy!
We all wanted to be cowboys
Even though we weren’t a boy.

We played baseball in an empty field...
Roller-skated in the street.
There weren’t many cars back then...
Most people used their feet.

Iced water used to be a treat
When our parents could afford it.
Just a bucket with a block of ice
And we kids all tried to hoard it.

We drank from the same dipper...
It never seemed to do us harm.
Who cares about a few ole germs
When one's so drippy dippy warm!?

We were never ever inside much...
We loved to play outdoors.
We'd fly our kites, play Hide and Seek
And we always did our chores.

We chewed Bazooka Bubblegum...
Sucked on candy cigarettes...
Loved Mary Janes and Kits the most...
Those were as sweet as sugar gets!

The rainy days were reading time...
We bought and traded comics.
Books were treasured and we read
Without ever learning phonics.

Our favorites were Tom Sawyer
And Huckleberry Finn.
And, of course, all of the fairy tales
Brought by the Brothers Grimm.

Newpappers showed Lil Abner,
Nancy, Sluggo, and Popeye...
Mutt and Jeff ...Dagwood and Blondie
Charactors in vast supply.

It was a happy life of make believe...
Heroes of every kind...
A Ragedy Ann and Andy world
Where enchantment was defined

By a Shirley Temple movie
Or by Tarzan, Cheeta, Jane...
By Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck
And too many more to name.

There is so much to remember...
I just can't record it all...
Thinking back when childhood was
An adventure and a ball!

I thank God for all the memories...
For this special place in time...
I thank Him for the days of youth...
When life was really one big rhyme.

Doris Jacobs-Covington
Written earlier
Put together on Sept. 17, 2914

~~Dedicated to the memory of my
beloved friend, Janie. She would
have loved this poem.~~

Ecclesiastes 12:
Remember also your Creator in the days of your youth,.........



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