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The abused 
has become the abuser.
 shrunken remnant 
of a still shrinking land 
being openly annexed
by a conqueror's hand
as a futile West,
still reeling from 
Holocaust guilt,
from innocent 
Jewish blood spilt,
allow Israel to become
a regional bully boy,
turns a blind eye to
 methods it employs
to shrink still more 
this shrunken land.
 land filled with hate
being absorbed
by a pariah state
in agony fights back.
A still guilt ridden West
pleads its cause
with words at best,
sits and watches
in despair
the tragedy 
unfolding there.
And  the conflict
rolls on and on
so Palestine, bit by bit,
will soon be gone,
shrunken to nothing.
and the abused
has become the abuser.

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