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Time moves ever on - sometimes swiftly - like a deer leaping over 
Fields and valleys - wide eyed - as if to flee from baying hounds - and 
Unrelenting fear - or maybe - ambling at a seeming lesser pace - like a 
Gentle lapping stream - where calm is felt - refreshing tired limbs and 
Weary souls - within its harmony of 
Peace and grace .

Oh Time - meandering in the subconscious - and yet - still ticking on as
Mankind sleeps the night away - if that should be - or yet - for some those 
Hours may be passed in dance and revelry - while yet again - for those 
Whose lives are in a different realm - of sorrow's grip - or suffering - each
Tick only exaggerates the loss - or physical -
Relentless pain .

The world goes on - one moment at a time - for many gripped by toil and clammy
Sweat - they pass each hour away - longing for the homeward trek - by bus or train -
While others wait - locked in the queues of metal frames - bumper to hood - with 
Hundreds likewise - each alone - within their thoughts of home and rest - beyond 
The tedium and the endless humdrum of survival - work and 
Gain - and stress .

But - there are those for whom - time passes in a joyous wave of pleasantry - with
Melodies entwined in laughter - love and life - like children happy in their  play - or fond
Embrace of loving man and wife - each savouring the moment - relishing it as of a
Treasured find - but yet - unable to contain its preciousness - by holding it in 
Onward - ever passing time - as - like a grain of sand - it silently slips and
Fades away - as through an ever open - 
Outstretched hand .


This poem slightly digresses from my usual form of thinking , but as I was musing on 
the passing of time these words unfolded to capture my thoughts ..

However , I know that once written down , they too will pass into the realm of 
yesterday , because Time stands still for no-one ..

So my friends , let us relish each moment as it comes and goes 
for this moment will be no more .

God bless you all

Stella ><


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