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“Mercy sakes!” said the spider

to the apple core.

“How am I to carry you

to my spider door?”


Then from the other side

a little ant replied:

“If spider gave the core a push

it would fall on its side.”


So spider with his eight long legs

kept pushing the apple core;

While the ant scurried about

shouting - “More!  More!”


Then tipping, then tottering,

then standing still once more

the apple core seemed to say:

“Such creatures are a bore!”


“Goodness!” said the spider

“That apple core’s a loss.”

As he sat cleaning his eight long legs

sticky with apple sauce.


     “No loss my friend,”

     said the little ant.

     “Tip it, roll it on its side,

     up to the yonder hill and

     then we will watch it slide.”


     “Your spider door, between two rocks,

     I’ve seen beneath the hill.

     We will aim it straight;

     won’t lose a splinter.

     You will have apple sauce

     for winter!”


“But who will tip the apple core?

Who will roll it up the hill?

Who will aim it at my spider door?

Tell me ant, who will?”


The breeze stirred the leaves above

the shaggy apple core.

The spider and the ant then heard:

“Such creatures are a bore!”


The ant raised his antennas

and tickled the fall air.

Soon, ten thousand little ants

were standing right there.


The spider whispered, “Goodness,”

and then a big, “WOW!”

The apple core was on its side,

the ants were shouting, “NOW!”


Now ten thousand little ants

crawled under the apple core;

sure of hearing a wheezy voice say:

“Such creatures...are a bore!”


Then off the core travelled

on a sea of little specks;

The spider marching up the hill

between the grassy deck.


Now standing on the hilltop,

turning a little left;

one step back, a smidgen right -

then with a mighty heft...


Down, down the apple core

rolling down the green;

stopped inside the spider’s door,

never once said....

            “What a bore!”


The ants went back to the ant hill.

The little ant stayed behind.

The spider kissed the little ant,

and said:  “You have been kind.”


So, happy was the spider

setting his winter moss;

that he would sleep well,

the winter through,

on a bowl of apple sauce.


"The Apple Core" (c) Katie Kidwell, 1972  from the book Elephant Stew, Poems & Songs for Children



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The Apple Core




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