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On the first of October 1967 a great man died
I'd never known how cruel that death could be
To snatch away someone that I had loved so much

I was just 19 years old when death dealt it's blow
Taking this great man from us in the dark of night
He had played a major role in who I would become

He was always teaching me things that he did well
He'd taught me to work with tools and build things
He spent hours teaching me to play chess as a child

On that first occasion that I had him in checkmate
I had always wondered if he let me win that game
Years later he said you won that game on your own

He told me that I had learned the lessons he taught
And that because I had thought out my moves I won
He always took time to answer any questions I had

And he always treated me as if I was very special
He taught me to look at things from all directions
Plan things out to think ahead before making a move

Everything he had taught me I've used in my lifetime
The next year after he died I was serving in the war
On many occasions I knew he was with me over there

He was protecting his grandson and showing me the way
When things were really bad I could sense he was there
He was silently telling me it was going to be alright  

And after several incidents I knew then I'd make it home
And regardless whether anyone believed it or not I knew it
I'll never forget him and I'll always love this great man

He was the most loving and the most caring grandfather
And though 48 years have passed by since he was taken
I take great pride for having had him as my grandfather  

Terry Sasek - Alwaysawarrior - all rights reserved.

I have posted this poem today as I stare at a picture of my
grandfather Carl Gray, Pop as I had called him was taken from
us way to early in his own life and I still miss him greatly
and I will always remember him and have always been thankful
that this great man was my own grandfather. He had taught me
many lessons while I grew up and they would serve me very well
later as I had went off as a 19 year old kid to serve our own
nation as a warrior, I had always felt his spirit close by me
as I was in those very dangerous situations that I'd faced in
Vietnam and I took great comfort and I felt safe during those
very trying times there. It was as if God had made him my own
personal guardian angel who had protected his grandson in all
those attacks on our base and in the battles we had fought in
during that year there. Pop was a gift from heaven and he had
helped to keep me safe and sound during that very long year!

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