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Did Shakespeare 

Write Shakespeare

Because I find it so absurd

That such a common Tudor man

Could invent so many words.

You will find some there

In nearly every single play

Yet these are the very words

We still use today.


Many years ahead of his time

With his writing skill,

His ability to baffle

Amuse or thrill.

So, did Shakespeare

Really write Shakespeare?

So many theories abound

But I'm captivated by his magic

When I see him in the round.

So it doesn't really matter 

Whether he did or no

The jury is still out

But I believe it so.


Did Shakespeare

Really write Shakespeare?

Who really knows or cares

In spite of the controversy

The magic is still there.

There was an entity called Shakespeare

Whether him or a name assumed

By some other artistic genius using

Shakespeare as his nom de plume. 

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