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O LORD - what is a man - that You should think of him ? - when 
You - who dwell within the realm of other-worldly things - that only those who
Have the ears to hear and eyes to see - can comprehend - not of the dark
Side - but of Light - where angels in Your glory dwell - as messengers and 
Warriors - against the evil hoardes of night - assisting those who choose 
To live for You - and all that appertains to right .

O how I love You LORD...

How can this mortal soul speak of such love - for this - the wounded Lamb
Of God ? - who gave His all for His own sheep - when words are tainted so - and
Cannot fully comprehend and tell - of all that fills my grateful heart - but yet - with 
Every fibre of my being - I can but truly say - there is no other love that fills 
My heart in such a way - as You - my LORD - as You - the only 
Shepherd of my heart - today .

I yearn for courts - that are not earthly made or bound - that cross the chasms
Of this Planet's breach - beyond the highest mountain's outstretched arms - and 
Deepest caverns of the ocean's reach - where mortals few have trod - and those 
Who have - with ever longing palates that can taste and see - the wonders -
Still unchartered - in the minds and hearts of men - who know - that once 
Attained - can never be the same - in truth again .

O LORD of Light - wherein this feeble frame - can only catch a glimpse of love's
Full power - lest I should drown or burn - within such awesome gaze - forsake me 
Not - for there are times that all is hid within a veil of gloom and mist - as likened 
To a soul where all is lost - but - truth be truth - I know that this can never
Be - as Thou - my loving God - is ever mindful - and forever
Faithful - to such a one as me .

O how I love You LORD - and always will - though this frail flesh may falter - and 
Digress - into a world of the mundane - and my own will - but - even then - I
Know my deepest longing is to walk by faith - and choose the best - so keep
Me in the shadow of Your wings - and never let me go - and grant me 
Eyes that see and ears that hear - and then my soul - that longs for 
Higher Courts - at last - will be at rest .


O what am I LORD - that You should think of me  ?


So many times of late I find myself yearning for a deeper  awareness of the
presence of the LORD , and yet , I also tend to feel so inadequate ...but it 
doesn't stop me longing , and in so doing , it spills out in the words I write .

May God bless you all here at Poetry Poem with His 
Love and peace .

In Him 
Stella ><


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