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Faeries - Final Part

And the being of seven colours

Cloaked in shifting shades of green

Moved quickly through the forest

Certain it could not be seen

For its cloak changed so quickly

Providing a match so very good

To blend with any background

Against which it stood.


After aeons of slumber

Had come the waking call

The Faeries were returning

In reply to Gaeia's call

The being of many colours

Sent forth its mind

Arousing from slumber

Others of its kind

To arrange a meeting

At the next setting sun

The retaking of Gaeia

Had very near begun

The ships of non existence

Would twinkle into sight

And Gaeia would recover from

The iron wielders long night.

A peace would be offered

But any conflicts begun

Would be continue until

Victory had been lost or won.

The Green Planet green again

The atmosphere clean

And majestic forest returned

To where Old Forests had been.


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Faeries - Final Part