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Americans Must Make A Choice


This November 2014 America must make a real choice
Do we sit idly by and watch America kill herself?
Or should we step up and answer the call of freedom?

All the typical political banter is flowing once more
There are those who vote only to keep their handouts
There are those that are influenced by many promises

Some haven't got a clue about anything that's political
They have always had a free ride never lifting a finger
Why go out and work for a living if you don't have to

What was meant as a short term program for the unemployed
Has become a generational way of life for many families
It's not one group over another, it's now a lifestyle

It's played by each succeeding generation because they can
They've learned every single loophole out there and use it
While the rest of America has to work themselves to death  

They're too proud to take a handout or take the free ride
They'll work two or three part time jobs to make it by
Working lower wage jobs to take care of their own family

But we have those who come here expecting this free ride
They immigrate here and right away they want on the dole
This can't last and soon the system will totally collapse

Our current leaders are hell bent on a road to destruction
They're spending like never before skyrocketing our debts
Our country no longer has leadership in Washington DC now

You may not like the challengers who run for office in 2014
But America's learned a devastating fact in the last 6 yrs.
That the policies, reforms and changes made are not working

So what is your choice? It's easy! If you want a free ride
If you like sitting on your backside collecting handouts
Well then more than likely you'll sit back and do nothing

But if as every generation before us you have pride & you care
You will talk with your neighbors, relatives and your friends
Ask yourselves if the America we have now is what you want

Is this lifestyle provided by the current administration Right?
Is this the life that you wanted for your children & grand kids?
Ask yourself this, why should I work so hard to support others

Terry Sasek - All Rights Reserved.

We know that what we currently have is not working, so shouldn't we give
the challengers at least a chance to see if they can find a better way and
direction in which to point America and help to save her before she commits
suicide as she slowly strangles herself in this never ending spiral that's  
unsustainable and increasing our nation's own debt every single day that'll
lead our great nation to a very slow and painful death. Are we so apathetic
now that we would just standby and not lift a finger to try and save her at
all from this terrible fate she is facing after all these years of being the
one nation that the world has always looked to for hope and always counted
on to answered the call to keep the world free and civilized. We can only
hope and pray that reality will return to America this November and that all
those generations of Americans who worked hard and fought to defend freedom
and keep us all safe since the birth of our nation will not have done it all
for nothing simply due to the apathy of our people now and that we would leave
our children and grand kids the disaster that they will inherit if all these
fools & idiots who have led us down this current path towards our final ruin
are re-elected so that they can continue to destroy America.  Americans must
make a choice this November and I can only pray to God that the politically
correct blinders and rose colored glasses are finally removed from their own
eyes and that they'll see clearly what must be done to save our own nation.  

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Americans Must Make A Choice