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Cottingham Market


I walked around the market today

Just a visit to see old loved places

And check around to see

And chat to old familiar faces.

Maybe not so many stalls now

And the layout may have changed

It used to be so full and

So very closely arranged.

The shoe stall still there

With Alan still in charge

Bargains to suit your pocket

Whether feet be small or large.


On the front 

Socks and tights

Quality good

Prices light.

Big John still running it

Still with his smile.

I chatted with him and Alan

Just for a little while.

They were so kind to me 

When I traded there

They showed me the ropes

With consideration and care.


Showed me the way

To display my flash

To best attract

The customers’ cash.

We are all getting older now

So it’s nice to say hello,

Finish my little tour and then

Catch the bus and go.

All those years 

Flown and gone

Happy months on Cottingham Market

Until it was the right time to move on.

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Cottingham Market