Dark is the night, yet darker still their hearts
As they draw their pentagrams, and ready their darts.
Performing ancient rites, mumbling cryptic phrases,
As they dance drunkenly in their drug induced hazes.

Words hissed softly as they shake their taloned fists,
Unseen forms lumber and prowl through half seen mists.
Sibilantly hissed words born in an elder dawn,
Writhe from gasping lips of Satan's favorite pawn.

Eagerly grasping at powers far better left alone,
Shuddering black ecstasy as rictus smiles moan.
Dark radiance flows from portal to otherwhere,
Fools beckon hither what the wise would never dare.

Blinded by lusts and greed, unaware of their own peril,
Souls stripped of humanity, hearts wild and feral.
Fools, to be unaware true power is not so easily attained!
Know you not what you lost is far more than you have gained?

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