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Five card draw is such a hard game
Many a man has rued the day
That seduced by its attraction
He's pulled up a chair to play.

He couldn't play poker though
He said he knew the rules
And he insisted on joining
One of our poker schools.
He couldn't count the deck
Didn't know the odds
His only chance seemed to be
Left in the lap of the gods.     
In Elli Buchen's bar
Approaching midnight
One of those times when
Ever card seemed right.
I drew a pair to a prile
Sat on a full house,
Decided to play him
Like a cat plays a mouse.
I cleaned him out
Won his all
And then that man showed 
He had a pair balls.
I'll bet my wife 
Against the pot
One night with her
Or i win the lot.
 This story has 
No fairy tale end.
He was just out of luck
My poker playing friend.
She was blonde and cute
Standing quite near
Looking at me
Eyes brimming with tears,

But here was I
At the start of military life
What the heck did i need
With another man's wife.
So, I gave him the pot
And his wife as well
Pretty certain he was headed 
For a time of marital hell,
Because he couldn't play poker
Though he knew all the rules
And he'd insisted on joining
In one of our schools.

Seduced by its attraction
Many a man has rued the day
He's watched five card draw
And pulled up a chair to play.

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