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My Brother The Coyote

I have an urgent need to see...
a need to see a person for who he really is
not for what I have seen him for in the past...
before he is completely gone from my sight

I need to see him
without my own eyes
nor through the eyes of
love or hatred or confusion
there can't be any of that
I need something less complicating

I've known (of) him all my life
for, he is my Brother

Its important now for me
to have no bias
to see him
I need to see him very clearly
before he is gone
from my sight

my emotions have blinded me
his long silences have blinded me
the long distances between us have blinded me
the miles and miles have attempted to erase us...
both our bloodlines and our past history

he is fleeing everyone
he is leaving everyone
he at times has even left himself

but yet I will still not erase him
nor will his trickster attempts
to slip through the fence
of our past shared memories
work their terrible magic

I know he's hell-bent on uncharted
for he is my wily
coyote brother

I think he might be proud of
his hooliganism...
but I am not a coyote yet
I don't know what I am
I cannot follow after him
I am not him

still I need to see him better
and I do not have the means...
would it take a better pair of binoculars?

I need to see him before he's
beyond the final perimeter
so I know his true character
so I have an eternal photograph of him
to tattoo on my heart
so he can not slip away
completely forever
unseen for who he is

he never made me a promise
to be human

once when
I asked him to stay in one place
for awhile
he grinned but
it was too much
for him

my brother coyote
is always moving onto the next mile
I can't make him un-wild

I wish I could gentle his mind to make
him settle in or
settle down but
his wish is not my wish
and so I have to let him go.

I vow to love him always, anyway.

Copyright October 29th All Rights Are Reserved By This Author
Melissa A Howells/Meloo straight from her Tilt-a-World
all ideas/rants/poetry/prose are the legal property of this writer

thank  you for  reading. dedicated to T.J. and to all of those who
have people with coyote energy/medicine in their lives.

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