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I was raised as a Democrat growing up, but after I had returned
from fighting in South Vietnam I chose to become different type
of voter. Instead of voting only for those put forth by my party
I chose to vote for what would be best for America first, then
I would check out all of the candidates who were running for any
office in each election and I would choose the person who had a
proven track record for the jobs that they had held in the past
and then vote for the person with the best record of service to
the community and had always voted for what was best for our
community, our state and our nation, not by what party they had
belonged to during the elections. The last thing I would ever do
is to vote for someone that any party told me I should vote for.
I have always voted for the candidate with the best qualifications
and a proven track record for always doing what was best our own
community, state and for America. I am not a Democrat or am I a
Republican or a member of the Tea Party either, I've always been
an independent voter and I have always voted for America first.

Terry Sasek - Alwaysawarrior - all rights reserved.

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