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As A Veteran

As a veteran, sometimes people say thank you,
Other times they will hate you through and though.
Sometimes they will call you a devil,
And say you are evil.

Now, as a veteran we are suppose to let that go,
As about war people don't know.
They cannot see the battles, we still fight,
The ones that keep us out of the light.

The ones we are in day after day,
To keep people free that way.
Yes, the darkness that surround us,
That doesn't let us anyone trust.

We as veterans did what we did,
No one else would be at at our country's bid.
Now, one day a year,
Some people act like they care,

Freedom just doesn't come and go,
It stays as long as we know.
Some have died for this way of life,
Dad, mother, husband or wife.

Yes, to thank a veteran should be more then just for a day,
Every day it should be that way.
For things that veterans has stood up for,
That has make us different than before.

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As A Veteran

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