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Oppy Woods, part of a campaign in 1917 in which hundreds of Yorkshire Pals were killed, and Jack Harrison Hull FC player won the VC for charging a machine gun post.  His body was never found.  His record of 52 trys in a season (1914) is still  a record.  Just over 10 years ago a commemorative wood was planted locally.  It was also called Oppy Wood.

Oppy Wood 1917
Trenches between trees,
Trunks a skeletal shape
Stark and stripped bare,
a desolate landscape
Formed by  grenade
And by falling shell,
In chaotic creation,
A form of earthly hell,
Taken eventally
But at what cost
Thousands of lives
Ruined or lost.

Oppy Wood 2014
A small planting of trees,
Not as yet a real wood
But in time maybe.
The prospects look good;
Between Cottingham and Hull
A commemorative act
To remind new generations
Of that brutal fact,
And that that war
So careless of life
Had a peace that laid basis
For so much coming strife.


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Oppy Woods