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"Free Cash" the machine said

Outside my local store.

Free Cash!! What a bargain.

Who could ask for more?

I had my wallet with me

So I pushed my card in.

I should have realised when

It quickly asked for my PIN. 

I thought maybe security

But, hey ho, free cash!!

So I keyed in the code 

Being game for a bash.

Well they lied to me,

Those evil bloody banks.

And after all my wishing them

My heartfelt thanks.

The next time I got a statement

For my meagre little account

They'd only gone and debited me

That exact same amount.

Now I know English is so versatile

With various shades of interpretation

But surely we'd expect plain language

From those financiers of the Nation.

My ideals have been shattered.

I've joined the disillusioned ranks

Of that ever growing band of folk

Who just don't trust the banks.

"Free Cash" it had  said

it seems they were having me on;

I've gone and learned my lesson.

My innocence is finally gone.


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Free Cash