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do you know how to be a good the cold

the neighbors
are blogging on the local
rag about the
menace of
the homeless

they're convinced
the homeless are
faceless entities
to be moved about like chess pieces
and not
flesh and blood people
with real life problems

outside I hear
the wailing of wind
the wind is a banshee tonight
the cold is her twin, the reaper

the brisk wind chill
favors no one
but bites all who live here alike
but bites those who have no homes
even more

the poorest of the poor
the ones we'd rather
how we turn our backs on them
and look the other way

who do we see
when we look at them?
its a question which
makes me wonder...

these people we call
dangerous ragers
mentally ill
drug abusers
garbage users and polluters
anger and confuse us

we label, call them even
lesser names

outcasts of society

they are no longer people
we would rather push them on and
shove them out
through the revolving door

last night
the wind complained loud and bitterly
another homeless man
succumbed to the frozen jaws
of the wind's angry bite

this morning
they found him tucked up against the bricks
he had used them as a pillow

no one had let him in
of course he was a man who was
never likely to win
the key to the city

he was

but what if SOMEONE
had offered him some blankets?
and something warm to eat and drink?
or the shelter of THEIR garage?
or if another church had decided to open ITS doors?

well, its too late for him, now
and dear bloggers,
I ask you,
have you been good neighbors

(oh, I see,
you answer me with your silence)

But, perhaps the homeless man has won the key now
to heaven?

Yes, ALL are welcome there.

November 19, 2014 Copyright All Rights Reserved By This Author
Think about the definition of neighbor and what that means.
I don't think it just means those who live right next door to you.
And really how many people actually now the first and last names of the people
who live next to them any more? I did when I was growing up. The world has changed.
Or has it? From what I read on the blog, I was truly amazed about what I read about
the homeless (the were described as a nuisance/pestilence/sub-species) and the word
person did not once enter into the discussion. As someone who has done a little bit
of volunteer work and has been there, and basically as a member of the human race,
I found it a bit unsettling. I will continue to be who I am. I can't change others.
But I can write about it.

This issue is even more of a hot button, as around the country, people are being
arrested for feeding the homeless. It happened in Fort Lauderdale. It happened
with a group of priests and elderly concerned Catholics on the East Coast...they
were arrested and jailed for feeding the homeless. California has the 8Th largest
population of all the states in the US and the highest number of homeless families...
lots of homeless people are being shipped back from Hawaii on one-way tickets to the
west coast by authorities in Hawaii. Also the US has the highest number of homeless
children living within its borders.

One of my very best friends is homeless right now. I worry about her safety constantly.

Be grateful for what you have and who you are. You never know what life is going to
throw at you. Being grateful for at least three things every day can make you resilient
for the difficult times that you may and will face in the years ahead.

I have known the  hopelessness of homelessness in the past. Now I have a home. I'm grateful.
Enough said.

Meloo/Melissa A Howells Tilt-a-World/ All Rights Are Reserved By This Author
All Poetry/Prose/Rants/Ideas are the legal property of this Writer
thank you for taking the time to read this.

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