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My name is Edward Abrams

I am alone and lost in space

Although I have a destination,

A definite arrival place

And I know inexorably

This ship travels on

Aiming for a rendezvous

With a still distant alien sun.


This is The Ark of Hope

Carrying, comatose,

The seeds of rebirth in 

Survival pods laid in rows.

I check and care for them,

Monitor each one each day,

Cameras check all systems

Constantly where they lay.


I am the unit Edward Abrams

That disembodied brain

Guiding my Arc of Hope,

Maybe all that remains

Of that Blue Third Planet

Left coping with the range

Of emergencies and disasters

Brought about by climate change.


The volcanoes were erupting

As our journey proper started:

The ashen atmosphere cloaked 

The view as we finally departed.

Maybe just maybe 

We are the very last:

Pray we have a future to learn

From our destructive past.


I have checked my precious cargo

Checked the stores and their load

Now this unit Edward Abrams

Is switching into standby mode.

All systems are green.

Auto monitors are on.

Until the next scheduled check

This unit's conscious mode is gone.


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