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The University of Life,

Master of Science

In Trouble and Strife.


And I cruised and I boozed

Through so many happy years,

Many periods of laughter,

One or two periods of tears.

I tried so many different ways

To reach so many different ends

Always supported and surrounded

By good colleagues and friends.

Married and widowed 

I lost months in despair

Until I found another and 

Learned that I could still care.


The next generation, my

Grandchildren often come to play

And i watch them grow and hope

They won't do things my way.

So I seem to have arrived

At a quietly contented stage

Amazed in all honesty

To have reached this age.

Looking back now

There's very little i would change

Maybe some words unsaid

That were spoken in rage.


And now I perform,

And for better or worse

Tell my life's story

In rhyme and verse.

The University of Life 

Has been such a good friend

As somehow unscathed

I've reached life's other end.

I thank you for listening,

Hope for you all life is fine

And wish for one and all that yours

Carries on as happily as mine,


Because i got my degree 

From the University of Life,

I was a Master of Science

In Trouble and Strife


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University Of Life