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Man 'Flu

I’ve a constantly running nose

I’ve got a cold in the head

A lesser man than me 

Would have retired to his bed.

I’m a martyr to fashion

Always been a trend setter

They’ll have to do without me

Until I’m good and better.

It was the barber’s what did it

When they reduced its length

Like Sampson of old 

They took away my strength.

I’ve got a shortie hair cut

And newly naked ears

An innocent victim of

Over enthusiastic shears.

I blame my loving partner

For this wanton destruction

I sat there terrified while

She gave the girl instruction.

My immune system

Wasn’t up to the shocks

Of the exposure caused

By disappearing locks.

I’m sneezing and coughing

Hearing cracks about man flu

 I’ll brave my way throught it 

A man’s gotta do what he’s gotta do.


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Man `Flu