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Father’s day is here, Tis the day dad deserves a beer.
His children and wife so dear, are near at heart.
This is the day to stop and take stock.
While tended too by the flock.
Many are the Children and Grandchildren!
With thoughts of some day, his Children’s, Children.
A fathers place in the house is so dear, this day of happiness will keep the glow,
as Xmas draws near.
He celebrates the day as only he knows how. dressed in his finest, Hair all slicked back.
Looking and sounding as sharp as a tack.
Memories unfold as the ritual stories are told, easy is his style he has been around a while.
He listens with astounding capacity and hides and embellishes with audacity. That brings howls of laughter and smiles.
Another family story has been unfurled, like a sail of painted canvass.
He steers the ship, hardly moving astern.
By afternoon the ships bell sounds, all of a sudden the anchor is thrown.
He just missed running aground.

His wife’s voice with love abound, The children all head for their cars.
Leaven dad to heave to port and stow the sail, now he is left chart the stars.
As he waves goodbye to the last of the cars.
Colin   -  August 2003

Fathers Day



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