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I Choose To Forgive

I choose to forgive him,for what he has done;
 I choose to forgive him,for it is right in the Son!
 I choose to forgive him,for Gods word says so;
 I choose to forgive him,so in Gods Spirit I can grow!
 I choose to forgive him,from the deepest of my heart;
 I choose to forgive him, so from Grace I won't part!
 For we wrestle not with the flesh and blood of man;
 And when we choose to forgive, then I know we can!
 For when we choose to forgive the ungodly men;
 Then our Father shall also forgive us of our sin!
 When we choose to forgive,we must also erase;
 So that in our lives,we give the devil no place!
 When we choose to forgive, there is nothing satin can do;
 For we are in the will of God,and satan is under me and you!
 Then shall we sing a brand new song you see;
 A song of forgiveness that set us free!
 So take it out on satin, for that's where it came;
 And we will find our victory in Jesus's name!