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My Little Angel

I lost my child in this life you see;
 I ask The Lord why must this be?
 No reasons or answers could I find;
 I felt I was going to lose my mind!
 Then I had an awesome dream last night;
 There stood a Beautiful Angel, surrounded by light!
 This Angel then spoke unto me;
 I'm your Guardian Angel; this was meant to be!
 I shall be with you, night and day;
 I shall guide you, on your way!u
 I shall protect you, while you live;
 For that's why to you I was give!
 The Angels face then came clear to me;
 My reasons and answers I did see!
 When I awoke; this Angel was on my mind;
 I knew some how my child did I find!
 My heart became still, as I did softly cry;
 Thanking The Lord for showing me why!
 My Child is my Guardian Angel you see;
 And now from Heaven; My Little Angel; watches over me!