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The Dream

I was having the most wonderful dream;
 Where there was a river of life, flowing in a stream!
 And I looked upon streets of pure gold,
 I seen The Promise Land that had been foretold!
 Diamonds, sapphire, precious stones were every where,
 All types of trees, and none of them were bare!
 Never had I seen such beauty before;
 A place full of love; who could ask for more?
 As I walked around, peace and love did fill my heart;
 I knew I was in heaven; and I wanted a part!
 And then a Voice said Unto Me;
 Behold all the beauty, yet there is more to see!
 I turned around to see, from where this voice had came;
 The most wonderful thing I seen; I will never be the same!
 There stood a man dressed in white, with a book in his hand;
 He said: if your name is written within; you shall inherit this land!
 As He opened the book, I seen a crown of thorns upon his head;
 Then my eyes shifted to His feet; where they were led!
 When I seen the scars, to my face I did fall;
 As he read from the book, my name he did not call!
 How my heart was broken; it was torn from within;
 Then he said unto me; I forgive you of your sin!
 While there is time left: prepare ye your way;
 For the time is near of the Great Judgement day!
 Then I awoke I was laying face down on the floor;
 What an awesome dream: I had entered Heavens Door!
 My sins had been forgiven; by his blood yes washed away;
 While there is time My Friend; prepare ye your way!
 For when we die, it will then be to late;
 And by our lives; we seal our very own fate!!