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The Letter In Red

I laid awake on my bed one night;
 Instantly my room was filled with light!
 There stood an Angel, who put a letter in my hand;
 The writing on this page, I could not understand!
 When I looked back up, the Angel I did not see;
 What was this letter, why was it gave to me?
 I had no idea of what it even said?
 All I knew is that it was written in red!
 I looked back at the letter, to give it one more try;
 I heard a voice say,"Peace Be Still For It Is Only I.
 As I looked back up I saw His Holy Face;
 And all around I could feel His Holy Grace!
 I said sir;I have a letter, before I did finish; He said to me;
 Yes My Son I wrote it and sent it to thee!
 He reached out and I put it in his hand;
 As he began to read it; I did understand!
 Behold I stand at the door and knock; if any man hear my voice;
 And let me in, I will sup with him for it is only by their choice!
 When He handed me back this letter He said;
 This letter was wrote to you with the blood I shed!
 A lump came up in my throat, as tears fell down my face;
 For I had received a Letter Written In His Holy Grace!
 When I wiped my eyes, He was no longer there;
 I could not find this letter anywhere?
 But I shall always remember what this letter said;
 For my name was written in the Blood He Shed!
 Now I sup with Him, and He sups with me;
 As His letter read, this was meant to be!