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Everything that we do or say,

Will return to us on our way.

Whether it be good or bad; big or small,

It shall return back unto us all.

For the words we speak shall always live you see,

For someone will remember what was said by you and me.

The words we speak brings forth life or death,

So watch our words with every breath!

We can bring joy to one or even kill them at heart,

With the words from our mouth we let depart!

It doesn't matter if your rich or poor, big or small,

Our words will return unto us all!

Someday judgement day shall be,

These words shall be true, wait and see.

For even as we live,also to be judged of our words you know,

For they follow us no matter where we go!

For it's up to us;we choose what ever we say,

But always remember they will come back to us some day!

So always speak life to whom ever you shall meet,

For when our words come back they will be sweet!

But speak bad to whom ever you may choose I say,

For it's up to you in what comes back your way!