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Storm Within

As the rain pours down from the skies;
So has a million tears fell from my eyes.
As the thunder clashes, and the clouds begin to roll:
So did the pounding of my heart that you stole!
As the lighting splits across the sky, in the darkest of night;
So did my heart,at this aweful sight!    
A heart that was broken;broken by love you see,
A storm within; you caused in me!
Raging winds, pouring rain, lightning it's all there;
And in this storm, only I am here to bare!
And these memories of a love so cold;
Lays like a mist across the road.
A raging storm which soon will end;
My love for you no more I send!
My love is now gone, and so am I;
No longer for you shall my heart cry!
When your memory comes to mind;
No love for you can I find!
It is void;without Shape or form;
No longer in me a raging storm!
As the spring brings forth all things new;
My heart no longer beats for you!
A new love now my heart can find!!
With you no longer in my mind!!