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There was a man arrested some time ago;
 who the people wanted on deaths row!
 Those that testified against him, knew they were right;
 and for his death, yes they would fight!
 He must die they said, without a doubt;
 Kill him! Kill him! They began to shout!
 Cast into prison,they layed stripes upon his back;
 And in their humiliation, they gave him no slack!
 As the blood flowed with each lash He took;
 They spit upon him as if he were a crook!
 As they made their way to where He would die that day;
 They kicked him and scorned him along the way!
 When they reached the place where He would die;
 There stood his Family and friends; how they did cry!
 As He lay,they drove the nails through his feet and hands;
 The pounding could be heard through out all the lands!
 They took His garments and they cursed His Name;
 For His possessions yes they did play a game!
 Then a spear into his side they drove; blood and water flowed;
 He said Father forgive them;as His Love He yet showed!
 He gave up the spirit, they thought all was done;
 Yet they knew not, they had killed Gods only son!
 Now to you and me: there is a choice that now stands;
 Is his blood for you; or is it on your hands?
 Guilty or innocent whats your choice going to be?
 And in the Court of God which will you plea?
 If your not with him; your against him He said;
 And you'll be guilty of the Blood He Shed!