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Father God; help me make a stand in You;
 Help me shine your light in all I do!
 Help me look at others; as I want you to look at me;
 And in my life; I only want You, for them to see!
 Father help me to die to self in you this day;
 Oh Lord,then raise me in Your very own way!
 I want to be nothing but a vessel to You;
 Teach me Father, to show your compassion in all I do!
 Help me to walk in your Love, Your Peace and Your life;
 Help me to die to my sorrows, my sin and my strife!
 I pray oh Father; help me die to my selfish sin;
 That I may live in You and rise again!
 Teach me to die to my flesh, in this world that's so cold;
 So that I can rise again in Your Spirit so bold!
 Teach me to walk in Your Spirit; each step that I take;
 And by my walk let me bring others for Your Bloods Sake!
 Most of all,My Father I ask;keep me in remembrance, this isn't for me;
 But for others, to give back what I've received,to share Your Love that sets us Free!