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The heart of life is in all of those who by God are called;
But on the way, some have wrecked, some are stalled!
Yet the Heart of Life is still in them you see;
Their just not as strong as they use to be!
Deceived and wounded many fall to the ground;
Yet where sin is; Grace doth more Abound!
They need a True Christian to take them by the hand;
One that will listen and through the spirit understand!
Someone who is willing to do as Jesus would do;
A Christian who will let the Holy Spirit Shine through!
For many are weak,yet the spirit still lives in their soul;
And we are all striving for that Heavenly goal!
For we are all the Children of God who receives His Son;
And as we do others; to Jesus we have also done!
For we are all soldiers in the Army Of Our Living God;
In one mind, and in one accord in his Spirit we trod!
For those who are healthy, a doctor they don't need;
Those who've wrecked and stalled, needs a doctor indeed!
Now Jesus is that Doctor- and We Are His Tools;
So when we pass those by in need; Ourselves We Only Fool!