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We war not against flesh and blood of man you see;
But In the spirit is where our battles are meant to be.
For when we battle against flesh and blood of mankind;
Deeper in troubles and sorrows ourselves shall we find!
But when we take it in the spirit to fight;
Then shall we stand in Gods Glorious Light!
For this warfare is with satan and his own,
And warring in the flesh God Does not condone!
For the spirits that once drove us to do as we did;
Has now gone into others and in them hid!
Its not the person, it's the spirit that's in them you see;
And coming against flesh and blood; there will be no victory!
Tis spiritual warfare can not be seen with the human eye;
For it is led by Jesus in the HolySpirit through you and I!
Warfare means to battle; it doesn't mean just pray;
But you must fight in the spirit this did Jesus say!
Put on the whole Armor of God that ye may be able to stand;
Coming against satan with the Word of God for its our sword in hand!
For when you war against flesh and blood it shall only tear you down,
Then we are in sin; not having on Christ's Wedding Gown!
For God said not to war against mankind;
For when you do; your own victories will you bind!
For the only way to defeat satan is in the spirit you see;
And warring in the spirit will bring you your Victory!
You want victory in your life- then take your battles in the spirit;
Put on Gods Armor: and speak out His word in Faith,satan will hear it!
Then shall you defeat satan,and not tear down flesh and blood;
And your victories shall start pouring in like a flood!