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This war between your flesh and spirit;
When it begins you can really feel it!
For your flesh wants to do the things that are wrong,
But your spirit wants you to sing a victory song!
Then you get caught up between the two;
And it really makes a wreck of you!
You feel like your going to lose total control,
As your flesh wars against your soul!
You want to give up for the shape your in,
But the spirit continues to war from within!
You begin to do and say things that shouldn't be;
Because the flesh and spirit do not agree!
You begin to feel like you've lost it all;
But that's when on God you should call!
For when the battles over we have chosen our way;
By the things we did and what we did say!
Did we let the flesh take control?
Did we call on God to strengthen our soul?
Its our choice whether we win or lose,
We're free moral agents we must choose!
If we let the flesh win over our soul;
Then we are a step farther from our goal!
But if we called upon God in that time you see;
Then we stand with our soul in Sweet Victory!