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A Double-Minded Man

A double minded man is unstable in all his ways;
His trials and tribulations shall rule his nights and days!
Like the sea driven by the winds and tossed;
His very own soul will be his final cost!
He wants to be a Christian,yet he remains in his sin;
Always putting on a Godly form, yet dying from within!
He thinks it's ok to live this way,for God does forgive;
Not knowing just which way he's really suppose to live!
He worships God with his tongue;yet serves the devil in heart;
He's Always going back and forth;for he never knows his part!
For repenting of your sins means from them turn away;
And if you don't then double minded shall you stay!
 Serve either God or yourself; which now do you choose?
A double minded man in all his ways shall lose!
A double minded man shall always do what he shouldn't do;
And the things that he should he can never follow through!