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The Armor Of God

Finally, My brethren be strong by standing in the power of Gods might;
By Leaving your natural eyes behind- only seeing with Gods sight!
Put on the whole armor of God,so you can stand against the devil our foe;
By Standing on the word of God in Faith and standing toe to toe!
For our fight is not with flesh and blood, this you must truly see;
It's against the rulers of darkness,spiritual wickedness and principalitys!
Therefore you must wear Gods Armor, to stand in this evil day;
And having done all to stand in every single way!
Stand with the breastplate of righteousness, in sin have no part;
Standing with the truth of God,engraved deep down in your heart!
Where ever you may always be prepared to bring forth peace;
For when it comes to flesh and blood the battle you do cease!
Above all having the shield of Gods Faith wherever you may be;
To stop all the fiery darts of the wicked that he uses against thee!
Wearing the helmet of your salvation; always knowing that you will win;
Using your sword of the spirit-The Word Of God to come against all sin!
Praying always in the spirit; praying for the other saints;
That they stand strong in their battles and they do not faint!
Doing all you can always in one mind and one accord;
Because to lose a fellow soldier you just can't afford!
When you have done all to stand; stand your ground some more;
Don't let the enemy sneak by and enter through your door!
Always praying for others and knowing together you will win;
Because your not fighting against flesh and blood, but against all sin!