Angels From Above

Angels from Above            December 7, 2014

Little children of God, Bless them all
Give them your love now, soon walk tall
From the day you know till the day you go
They need you're love, let your feelings show
Angels on loan, sent from above
Through good and bad they will smile with love
Sometimes you'll cry, you can't deny
Sometimes you may even ask why
You sometimes doubt, what's this all about
Forgive them and they'll love you without a doubt
Deep inside when you're feeling low you have a friend
They'll never let you down, they love you to the very end
Gifts from God, your loving friend
Love them dearly, don't let them go
Every chance you have, let them know
They can break your heart and make you smile
They'll be with you with love on the final mile
Suffer little children, the words of the Lord
Bless those little people of God
Gifts from the heavens, love them all
Love them dearly, they'll soon walk tall

Gerrard McGeachy

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