A Whisper From The Past

 A Whisper From The Past October 12th 2014

 I sat down at a graveyard as I walked the road one day
 The headstones of death around me from, memories of yesterday
 The spirits of the past surrounds me as I read about the past
 Many martyrs lie here beside me, time flies by so fast
 It made me think of times gone bye, why did these men die
 Women and children shared many spots, inside I want to cry
 I said a prayer to the heavens for the martyrs and my country
 I prayed for peace in Ireland, Our children must be free
 I heard a whisper from the past and asked to share his name
 He said his name was Bobby, He died in eighty-one
 He fought the fight like other men, he claimed his human right
 Denied of things like freedom, no clothes to wear at night
 He spoke to me about other things, the struggle carries on
 There are many martyrs with me just look around and see
 They were taken from life like me wanting to be free
 Freedom for our country, freedom for you and me
 Ireland will be a nation, a nation again at last
 Please let the Irish people know I did not die in vain
 The whisper from the past gently said goodbye
 I felt a little tear drop falling from the sky
 I sat down at a graveyard as I walked the road one day
 The head stones of death around me. memories of yesterday

Gerrard McGeachy

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A Whisper From The Past

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