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Skipping & dancing to a full moon.
The sky lights up like a lamp post tonight.
Moon beams radiate & glow.
Full moon morons rise to their own delight!
The bedevil us with their wit,
Because they are full of it!
Year after year, month after month.
The moons lunar phase puts them in a daze.
Magnetised minds doing errant ways.
You sit down to dine the news turns bad.
The things they do makes you angry &  sad.
Their displays bend the mind.
Blacktown to Bondi, Maroubra to the Mountains.
Marauding murdering mangle minds of men.
The fate of nurse Cobby,
No more will her hands mend.
We all keep a watchful eye.
We turn to the eastern night sky,
The full moon is on the rise.
Silhouettes of souls are drawn to the light.
Christianity holds on tight as the negative rays.
Pull with all its magnetic might,
Streaming down to earth.
Necropolis (the city of the dead) arise from their granite beds.
Mindless mad sprits so sad,
Dammed or be dammed their folly the stupid days.
When they walked the earth.
Ranting & roaming with the brain snap, leaving someone foaming.
Wheels spinning wildly, winters night car hoons.
Noise so stark, even the hounds let go to the bark!
The Milky Way sets the stage the full moon.
Rise & rising till dawns first light.
The moon dips, Then dives into the morn.
But don’t be fooled these morons & magnetised,
They are hypnotised to put grief & grey into the day.
Beware when the new is getting bad.
The full moon is nigh!
It’s dancing towards the lunatic lunar phase.
Colin    -  August 2007

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