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 Just Ducky
Her days well spent with feathered friends
Where smites and laughter know no end
As it is here near pond she feeds
Her flock that gathers fulfilling needs

With bread in hand staple of dough
She'll hand each piece and make it so
They won't go hungry one more day
With bellies full to swim away

Each one of them near dear to her
Will dine once more as frenzy stirs
Among this flock adopted by
Miss Pat, mother to duckling cries

Excitement stirs again this day
A private feeding near building lays
A mother duck whose unhatched eggs
Suffers great loss to fiend four legged

Yet in this loss of life and limb
Life will draw her near again
Feeding once more fine feathered friends
For joy it brings until days end

Dedicated to Ms Pat mother to more than children hers

Just Ducky

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