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Another Year Is Now Ending

We're now approaching the end of another year
2014 has had it's ups and downs for many of us
I hope your good days outweighed your bad ones

There have been many changes we have all faced
Some of our friends have lost their loved ones
My mother past too and is at peace in heaven  

We will miss them greatly but know it was time
For no one here wants to see anyone suffering
And God had decided it was their time to leave

We will remember all of the good times we've had
The adventures and tribulations we have all faced
With our own families and with our dear friends

Very soon the new year will begin for everyone here
We'll look forward instead of dwelling on the past
There are still many things to accomplish in life

There will always be new adventures and discoveries
I give my thanks to God above for all I've received
My beautiful loving wife, our son and our daughter

Our daughter's son is what they call a gifted child
He certainly knows more than we knew in high school
He's always seemed much older & wiser than his years

We are also looking forward to more adventures in 2015  
There's our son, his wife and our two grand-daughters
They all are very unique in their own ways and talents

We are always entertained by these two little girls  
It's a very well known fact that we spoil them both
Most of all we thank God above for all these blessings

And even though each new year can have it's own bumps
We pray that all will have a better New Year in 2015
And that all of your ups will far outweigh your downs

Terry Sasek - All Rights Reserved.

We pray that all of you will have a very blessed
and a very Happy New Year in 2015 and that people
of all nations will learn to finally live in peace
and harmony and enjoy all of God's blessings.

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Another Year Is Now Ending