Blow Me A Kiss

  Blow me a kiss  February 19, 2012

Goodbye my lovely lady we never met with your body close
I understand your feelings and I understand your past
If m the guy that it doesn't happen with, it will happen soon you'll see
The lovely woman in my life you deserve to make your choice
When you make your choice, make sure it's good for you and only you
To have you close would be a wonderful thing; you know love is true
I'm not for you, you made it clear, you were nice and smiled for me
I like you; you're very very dear. Go for you're life and make it clear
You deserve a partner that you want to be with in love sincere
Good bye the lovely lady, you came too late, please don't fear
I hold you in high regard to be with you with body close
Lovely lady, look to the sky and blow me a little kiss
When I feel it I'll reply. Goodbye
Gerrard McGeachy

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