Stand Beside Me

Stand Beside Me            December 28, 2014

Stand by me and walk an Irish mile
Stand by me, hold my hand with a little smile
The Gods are with us in Ireland, united we should be
We are a chosen nation wanting to be free
Freedom is a human right, what happened to you and me
We'll embrace the words of Wolfetone
Invite a friend from the other side, walk together proud and tall
Together we can teach the world, take down the dividing wall
Look around tell someone you care, you are not alone
Irish and proud, shout it out loud, send a message on your phone
Human Rights, I can see them, why do they still deny
Raise the flag as we walk together, raise it oh so high
They tried to kill our civil rights on the march of death in Derry
Fourteen civil rights angels in the sky, who's sorry
We want to be free you and me with our country
Why can't we walk as one without borders in our land
Why do they control our freedom from so far away
We'll walk together for Ireland, freedoms on the way
We want freedom now, we know right from wrong
Time is running out, we want the soldier's song
Stand by me and walk an Irish mile
Stand by me, hold my hand, give a little smile

Gerrard McGeachy

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