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Memories sometimes flow
Things from the past that come and go
The children dance, the  children sing
Fledgling birds needing to take first wing:
Confidence grows until that wondrous sight
As they soar aloft in wingless flight,
Twist and turn, swoop and dive
So aware of being vibrant alive.
And then the Elders join them there
Generations meeting mixed in mid air
Until all too soon the marshalling sound
Calling all back onto the ground.
Condemned to walk on leaden feet
Until their next communal meet.
In their long past that ability to fly
Had been the cause for many to die.
When the belief in of witchcraft was rife
Beware deviation from everyday life.
An alien species hidden in the native race
Long ago marooned from folded space,
Now they walk with lowered gaze
Adopting native pedestrian ways:
The distress call long winging on its way
They patiently wait for rescue day
When ships will come through folded space
To reunite them with their own lost race.    
Until then 
Until thet long awaited when
They keep the customs, keep the faith
Living through that tedious wait
And once a year
 Meet quietly here
When children provide the wondrous sight
Like fledgling birds taking maiden flight. 
Things from the past come and go
From memories that sometimes flow

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