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The Missionary

I am the Missionary.
I left chaos in my wake
Destroying ancient beliefs
For my Religion's sake.
I followed mighty armies
Sowed chaos and despair
All in the cause of conversion,
My beliefs my only care,
There is blood upon my hands
But i know I only killed to save
And with a clear conscience
Will go to my eventual grave.
I have followed faithfully my cause
To rescue  those misguided souls
Perhaps destroying the physical
To save that spiritual whole.
But all my long, hard efforts
Have brought me no relief,
For there is a resurgence
Of those alien beliefs.
I am the Missionary
I still spread the true word
With fire and destruction
And by rule of the sword.
It is said there are many ways 
For all to reach that same end
But I am too tired now to
Accept old adversary as friend.
I have fought for truth
With him by my side
And I will face my maker with
My humility tinged with pride.

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The Missionary